Maximising Your 2017 – 5 Tips to Get You Organised

Let’s face it, getting organised is hard. Each year starts off in full swing with organisation goals in mind and a fresh perspective on getting things done, then life gets busy and things get messy. It happens. Luckily, there are 5 easy tips to keep you organised throughout the year and help maximise your 2017!


At the heart of disorganisation is always mess. And the more mess you create the more disorganised you’ll be. Clearing up and cleaning out your working and living space will help you find everything you’ve been missing, which means less time wasted having to find what you need to get the job done. Having a clear space has also proven to help clear your mind. Research has shown clutter is linked to increased stress levels and can be demotivating. Clutter fills your mind with excessive stimuli and distracts the mind by drawing attention away from what you should be focused on to the mess instead. Creating a clean and organised space will save you time, unnecessary stress, and distraction helping you maximise your 2017 and get organised.

Create a Calendar

Having a calendar will keep your events and priorities in check. It’s one thing to write down what you have on a post-it note, but another to have everything you have going on in a single place – like a calendar! Keep your digital calendar posted on your desktop and have a hard copy permanently stationed at your desk. Your calendar should be your go-to for any upcoming events, reminders or due tasks. The act of writing down what you need to do is step one of getting yourself organised and making sure it get’s done. The second step is remembering when and what needs to be done which is where your calendar comes in handy. Download a free calendar here and start getting your life organised!

Set Reminders

Ever wished you had your own personal assistant to constantly remind you when things need to get done? While we could all use a helper, unfortunately that is not practical for many of us, which is where the power of setting reminders comes in handy! Make sure to turn notifications on for your calendar and set a reminder time that is going to be practical for events or tasks, this might be a repeat reminder that starts the day before and repeats 30 mins before to keep you organised and in check. Reminders are also a great way to remember when things are starting or due. Life get’s busy and trying to remember everything is setting yourself up to fall back into disorganisation and chaos. Go through your upcoming tasks and lock in anything you want to start and get those reminders switched on and ready to go!

Have a Check-List

First rule of getting organised is knowing what you have to do. Simply writing things down in an ordered check list is a super easy and great way to prioritise and organise your tasks for the day. Keep your check-list set to daily tasks, this will help you mentally organise your day ahead and make you reflect on your priorities. Ticking off tasks on your list will also give you the motivation to feel like you’re getting things done and to keep going until it’s all checked off! If you have a lot going on and want to keep yourself on track for monthly, quarterly or yearly goals, create separate check –lists for each and stay on track. You can then set reminders to reflect your check-lists at practical times and scribble in when major tasks are due in your calendar syncing up all your organisation tools.

Get a Routine

Sometimes it takes a little commitment to force yourself to stay organised. Picking up a new course, gym class, or maybe even joining a new club might be what you need to stay organised throughout your week. Having a set time each week to do an activity will force you to plan around it and therefore organise your week accordingly. Getting into a weekly routine will also help make staying organised feel like second nature over time. The great thing about routine is once it begins to be boring or you feel it’s getting too repetitive you can always mix it up! Learn something different, change classes, or join a new meet up to spice things up and keep you motivated.

5 Courses To Get You A Promotion in 2017

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and get a promotion this year? Developing new skills and being able to demonstrate these to an employer is the key to scoring that new job title. Here are 5 courses to get you a promotion in 2017. 

Develop Project Management Skills

With promotion comes greater responsibility and that means greater work and management required. Developing project management skills demonstrates your ability to handle the bigger tasks and effectively manage everything involved from teams to spreadsheets. Applying for your next promotion with this skill on your CV gives your employer greater confidence in your initiative as well as saves them the costs involved in training you to manage projects effectively. This creates a win-win for both parties!

Deliver Powerful Presentations

If you want that next promotion you may have to present a business case and most likely compete with other candidates going for the new title. Being able to deliver powerful presentations will give you the competitive edge needed to get your employer listening and engaged in your achievements and what you can offer in the new role. A lot of the time your employer may not be completely aware of what you do, or goals you might have achieved. Creating a presentation that can keep their attention and communicate your work and outcomes could be the missing piece holding you back from your next promotion.

Effective Communication for Successful Leadership

The ability to not only sell yourself on paper, but effectively communicate in person during an interview can make or break your chances at a promotion. Learning to communicate like a leader will showcase initiate and give your employer get a better understanding of how you will be in a management or leadership position.

Develop Business Networking Skills

Sometimes you need to create your own opportunities to take your career to the next level. The key to doing that? Networking. Developing business networking skills will teach you to meet, foster and grow not only rapport but relationships with people that are crucial in any working environment. The great thing about networks is if they’re properly fostered the relationships are not limited by time, making opportunities to grow endless.

Spark Innovation within a Team

Studies have found the number one thing employers are investing in is innovation. If you’re looking for a promotion into a management position being able to spark innovation within a team gives you a unique and invaluable skill to many companies. The world is ever changing and constantly emerging with new technologies and innovation, having the ability to create a culture of creativity and critical thinking carries enormous value. Being able to showcase that ability to an employer brings you one step closer to promotion.

3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

We all have New Years resolutions we tell ourselves we want to keep each year, but in most cases by the time February rolls around many of us have already forgotten them or simply given up. It is possible to nail some new years resolutions, you just have to pick a few you can keep! Here are 3 New Years Resolutions you can actually keep this year. 

Join a Course

One of the most common New Year resolutions is to learn something new, it could be a new skill, new language, or new sport. Although, it’s one thing to say it, but another to actually commit. Joining an online course at the start of the year will help keep you in check and give you the kick you need to start your learning journey towards being a better you! With so many free online courses available, time and money are no longer an excuse. Websites like even let you convert your new skills into accreditations. Stay on track with completing your course by setting reminders in your calendar whenever a new module or learning activity is released.

Drink More Water

It’s really easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget your daily fix of water. The recommended adult intake of H20 is 2L a day, but how many of us are actually consuming that? You can and should be drinking more water. The list of benefits is endless. Water improves the texture and glow of your skin, can help with weight loss, decreases your chances of colon cancer and increases physical performance (just to list a few). So the question is, how do you make sure you keep hydrated throughout your day? Go out and grab a 1L of bottle of water and keep it on your desk or in your bag at all times. If you have a home office and a work desk keep a bottle at each place. Same goes if you have a habit of changing bags, buy a few bottles to keep in each. Just by carrying around or having a bottle near you at all times will remind you to drink another glass and get closer to consuming your recommended daily dose. You just need to drink two 1L bottles and you’re there – bingo!

Stop Procrastinating

We all want to stop wasting time procrastinating, we all also know how hard that can be with so many distractions around. Studies have shown listening to classical music has a calming effect, making you more receptive to receiving new information. Save a playlist of classical music on your favourite music program or bookmark it on your web browser and plug in when you are at your desk. Listening to classical music will keep you concentrating and your mind stimulated, which means less time procrastinating and more time spent focusing!

There you have it, three simple, doable, excuse-free New Years Resolutions you can actually keep! You’ll be a hydrated, focused and learned new person this 2017. Time to go out and get started.

Press Releases

OpenLearning & Hunter TAFE launch a new model for VET with free-to-learn online platform

Australia’s leading online social learning platform, OpenLearning is partnering with Hunter TAFE, part of TAFE NSW, Australia’s largest vocational education and training (VET) provider, to launch is Australia’s first outcome-based VET platform, delivering world-class online courses for free to students and giving them the choice to pay only if they want to receive a nationally recognised qualification. This truly innovative ‘free to learn, pay to certify’ approach will increase access to VET and improve affordability, with no obligations, upfront payments or student debt.

With recent data revealing that only 38 per cent of students who enrol in VET programs complete their courses, the model enables students to try courses before paying any fees. When a student is ready to be assessed and certified by Hunter TAFE, charges less than 50 per cent of the industry average.

OpenLearning CEO Adam Brimo says this model has the potential to transform the vocational education sector in Australia and demonstrate the viability of a ‘payment on certification’ model for higher education.

“The free to learn, pay to certify model for VET is groundbreaking.” Mr. Brimo says. “The economy is changing and people worldwide are looking to develop new skills. We’re proud to partner with Hunter TAFE to provide an engaging, student centred online learning experience that will prepare students for the jobs of the future. High quality education can afford to be free.”

Hunter TAFE Institute Director, Christine Warrington, said that the pilot project would provide more opportunities for students to undertake vocational education and training.

“TAFE is always looking for ways to make access to quality skills training as easy as possible for students. This project has been designed to provide students with a pathway to developing qualified job ready skills,” Ms Warrington said.

About will launch with two popular VET qualifications: Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and Certificate IV in Business, which are each made up of 12 and 10 short courses (known as units of competency) respectively and focus on developing core personal and employment skills. Students can choose their electives and pay a fee of $125 to be certified and assessed at the end of each short course.

Mr Brimo says this model is the future of education – paying only for outcomes.

“Faced with hundreds of VET providers, it’s nearly impossible for a student to know which courses are right for them,” Mr. Brimo says.

“This has led to low completion rates, uneven outcomes and dissatisfied students. With, there is no barrier to learning and students can quickly decide whether a course is right for them before paying anything. It’s more sustainable and beneficial for students, society and government.

“Our experienced course design team has worked with content provided by respected industry experts Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) to develop world-class online courses that blend real-world experiences with an online global community. This focus on quality is necessary as courses on the ‘free to learn, pay to certify’ model are public and open to students from around the world so they will be held to a higher standard.

“Our team started OpenLearning because we believe that education must evolve beyond passive content delivery to focus on community, connectedness and student engagement. OpenLearning uses the latest technology and a proven educational philosophy to create compelling courses that engage and inspire students. We are really proud of our partners and our team for working together to make a reality. It’s an exciting day for students across Australia.”

Media Contacts:

OpenLearning CEO Adam Brimo,, +61415094219

Or via Sophie Thomas,, +61499599032

About OpenLearning is a portal within, an online social learning platform. OpenLearning’s unique social and interactive approach to learning has been adopted with great success by leading institutions and government bodies around the world. Founded by Adam Brimo, David Collien and Richard Buckland in Australia in 2012, OpenLearning has had huge international traction thanks to its innovative model of online learning that is focused on engaging students and creating vibrant learning communities. OpenLearning currently supports over 550,000 students across 5,000 courses, with thousands more joining every week. OpenLearning is the national, massive open online course platform for Malaysian education and is being used for K-12 public education system, 26 Malaysian universities and all 34 public Polytechnics. In addition to working with major education institutions, OpenLearning offers thousands of courses run by individual experts – offering high quality online lessons in fields as diverse as entrepreneurship and landscape painting.

About Hunter TAFE

Hunter TAFE is one of Australia’s largest regional vocational education and training providers, supporting and empowering thousands of students in hundreds of courses. Hunter TAFE has a great reputation for industry and business partnerships. These relationships ensure we provide a high quality, job ready workforce to business and industry.