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1478077546407OpenLearning seeks $10m for ‘learn free, pay to certify’ vocational education  The Australian Financial Review, Nov 2nd, 2016

“Investors might be expected to avoid the vocational education sector after the disaster of the VET-FEE HELP scheme, however an entrepreneur seeking $10 million says his business model can restore confidence. Adam Brimo’s OpenLearning has provided a platform for hosting “massive open online courses” (or MOOCs) since 2012. But in October it moved into the delivery of the courses themselves wth, a partnership with Hunter TAFE in NSW’s Hunter Valley…”


Pay when you openlearning-076graduate: the education model that may work for students  Sydney Morning Herald, Oct 20th, 2016

“Brimo’s company, OpenLearning, which he founded straight out of his software engineering degree at UNSW, has partnered with Hunter TAFE to offer three Certificate IV qualifications in business through the website under the free to learn, pay to certify model.”

Syfb-ad-1dney edutech OpenLearning launches ‘pay for certification’ platform Learn with Hunter TAFE
 Startup Daily, Oct 21st, 2016

“Sydney edutech startup OpenLearning has launched a pilot of, a new online education platform created in collaboration with Hunter TAFE. Dubbed ‘free to learn, pay to certify’…”


Edutech startup OpenLearning launches a vocational education and training platform The Tech Portal, 21st Oct, 2016

“In collaboration with Hunter TAFE (Technical and Further Education), Sydney-based edutech startup OpenLearning has launched, a new online vocational education and training (VET) platform.”

studentsbikeOpenLearning partners with TAFE NSW to disrupt VET business model Campus Review, 24th Oct, 2016

“Adam Brimo is the CEO of OpenLearning, an online start-up that uses a study for free, pay to be certified business model. OpenLearning recently signed a partnership with TAFE NSW’s Hunter institute to launch a new VET platform called”