Maximising Your 2017 – 5 Tips to Get You Organised

Let’s face it, getting organised is hard. Each year starts off in full swing with organisation goals in mind and a fresh perspective on getting things done, then life gets busy and things get messy. It happens. Luckily, there are 5 easy tips to keep you organised throughout the year and help maximise your 2017!


At the heart of disorganisation is always mess. And the more mess you create the more disorganised you’ll be. Clearing up and cleaning out your working and living space will help you find everything you’ve been missing, which means less time wasted having to find what you need to get the job done. Having a clear space has also proven to help clear your mind. Research has shown clutter is linked to increased stress levels and can be demotivating. Clutter fills your mind with excessive stimuli and distracts the mind by drawing attention away from what you should be focused on to the mess instead. Creating a clean and organised space will save you time, unnecessary stress, and distraction helping you maximise your 2017 and get organised.

Create a Calendar

Having a calendar will keep your events and priorities in check. It’s one thing to write down what you have on a post-it note, but another to have everything you have going on in a single place – like a calendar! Keep your digital calendar posted on your desktop and have a hard copy permanently stationed at your desk. Your calendar should be your go-to for any upcoming events, reminders or due tasks. The act of writing down what you need to do is step one of getting yourself organised and making sure it get’s done. The second step is remembering when and what needs to be done which is where your calendar comes in handy. Download a free calendar here and start getting your life organised!

Set Reminders

Ever wished you had your own personal assistant to constantly remind you when things need to get done? While we could all use a helper, unfortunately that is not practical for many of us, which is where the power of setting reminders comes in handy! Make sure to turn notifications on for your calendar and set a reminder time that is going to be practical for events or tasks, this might be a repeat reminder that starts the day before and repeats 30 mins before to keep you organised and in check. Reminders are also a great way to remember when things are starting or due. Life get’s busy and trying to remember everything is setting yourself up to fall back into disorganisation and chaos. Go through your upcoming tasks and lock in anything you want to start and get those reminders switched on and ready to go!

Have a Check-List

First rule of getting organised is knowing what you have to do. Simply writing things down in an ordered check list is a super easy and great way to prioritise and organise your tasks for the day. Keep your check-list set to daily tasks, this will help you mentally organise your day ahead and make you reflect on your priorities. Ticking off tasks on your list will also give you the motivation to feel like you’re getting things done and to keep going until it’s all checked off! If you have a lot going on and want to keep yourself on track for monthly, quarterly or yearly goals, create separate check –lists for each and stay on track. You can then set reminders to reflect your check-lists at practical times and scribble in when major tasks are due in your calendar syncing up all your organisation tools.

Get a Routine

Sometimes it takes a little commitment to force yourself to stay organised. Picking up a new course, gym class, or maybe even joining a new club might be what you need to stay organised throughout your week. Having a set time each week to do an activity will force you to plan around it and therefore organise your week accordingly. Getting into a weekly routine will also help make staying organised feel like second nature over time. The great thing about routine is once it begins to be boring or you feel it’s getting too repetitive you can always mix it up! Learn something different, change classes, or join a new meet up to spice things up and keep you motivated.

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