5 Courses To Get You A Promotion in 2017

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and get a promotion this year? Developing new skills and being able to demonstrate these to an employer is the key to scoring that new job title. Here are 5 courses to get you a promotion in 2017. 

Develop Project Management Skills

With promotion comes greater responsibility and that means greater work and management required. Developing project management skills demonstrates your ability to handle the bigger tasks and effectively manage everything involved from teams to spreadsheets. Applying for your next promotion with this skill on your CV gives your employer greater confidence in your initiative as well as saves them the costs involved in training you to manage projects effectively. This creates a win-win for both parties!

Deliver Powerful Presentations

If you want that next promotion you may have to present a business case and most likely compete with other candidates going for the new title. Being able to deliver powerful presentations will give you the competitive edge needed to get your employer listening and engaged in your achievements and what you can offer in the new role. A lot of the time your employer may not be completely aware of what you do, or goals you might have achieved. Creating a presentation that can keep their attention and communicate your work and outcomes could be the missing piece holding you back from your next promotion.

Effective Communication for Successful Leadership

The ability to not only sell yourself on paper, but effectively communicate in person during an interview can make or break your chances at a promotion. Learning to communicate like a leader will showcase initiate and give your employer get a better understanding of how you will be in a management or leadership position.

Develop Business Networking Skills

Sometimes you need to create your own opportunities to take your career to the next level. The key to doing that? Networking. Developing business networking skills will teach you to meet, foster and grow not only rapport but relationships with people that are crucial in any working environment. The great thing about networks is if they’re properly fostered the relationships are not limited by time, making opportunities to grow endless.

Spark Innovation within a Team

Studies have found the number one thing employers are investing in is innovation. If you’re looking for a promotion into a management position being able to spark innovation within a team gives you a unique and invaluable skill to many companies. The world is ever changing and constantly emerging with new technologies and innovation, having the ability to create a culture of creativity and critical thinking carries enormous value. Being able to showcase that ability to an employer brings you one step closer to promotion.

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