3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

We all have New Years resolutions we tell ourselves we want to keep each year, but in most cases by the time February rolls around many of us have already forgotten them or simply given up. It is possible to nail some new years resolutions, you just have to pick a few you can keep! Here are 3 New Years Resolutions you can actually keep this year. 

Join a Course

One of the most common New Year resolutions is to learn something new, it could be a new skill, new language, or new sport. Although, it’s one thing to say it, but another to actually commit. Joining an online course at the start of the year will help keep you in check and give you the kick you need to start your learning journey towards being a better you! With so many free online courses available, time and money are no longer an excuse. Websites like learn.com.au even let you convert your new skills into accreditations. Stay on track with completing your course by setting reminders in your calendar whenever a new module or learning activity is released.

Drink More Water

It’s really easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget your daily fix of water. The recommended adult intake of H20 is 2L a day, but how many of us are actually consuming that? You can and should be drinking more water. The list of benefits is endless. Water improves the texture and glow of your skin, can help with weight loss, decreases your chances of colon cancer and increases physical performance (just to list a few). So the question is, how do you make sure you keep hydrated throughout your day? Go out and grab a 1L of bottle of water and keep it on your desk or in your bag at all times. If you have a home office and a work desk keep a bottle at each place. Same goes if you have a habit of changing bags, buy a few bottles to keep in each. Just by carrying around or having a bottle near you at all times will remind you to drink another glass and get closer to consuming your recommended daily dose. You just need to drink two 1L bottles and you’re there – bingo!

Stop Procrastinating

We all want to stop wasting time procrastinating, we all also know how hard that can be with so many distractions around. Studies have shown listening to classical music has a calming effect, making you more receptive to receiving new information. Save a playlist of classical music on your favourite music program or bookmark it on your web browser and plug in when you are at your desk. Listening to classical music will keep you concentrating and your mind stimulated, which means less time procrastinating and more time spent focusing!

There you have it, three simple, doable, excuse-free New Years Resolutions you can actually keep! You’ll be a hydrated, focused and learned new person this 2017. Time to go out and get started.

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