3 Reasons Why You Should Make 2017 A Year for Business

If you’ve ever considered turning your hobby into a career, leaving your desk job to create your dream job, or earning some side-income through your own business – 2017 is the time to start! Here are 3 reasons why you should make 2017 a year for business.

Prime Time for Change

The rise of start-ups across the globe have sparked a culture of constant innovation and disruption. People more than ever are open to change and are constantly seeking new ways of doing and experiencing things. Nielson’s 2016 study showed that 63% of consumers like new product offerings, with 85% indicating they’d be willing to pay more for innovative products. One-size fit’s all products are now obsolete. People expect customisability, on-demand products and instant purchase opportunities, making the market prime for business this year. If you’ve ever considered entering the market now is the time to take the leap and do it while consumers are ripe for adopting new products and services.

Unlimited Cheap Resources

Thanks to innovation, there are now excessive amounts of new accessible resources making it easier and most cost efficient than ever to do business. With a predicted 50% of the US population becoming a freelancer by 2020, hiring external talent has never been more affordable. Want some creative work down? Hire a freelancer. Need 24/7 customer support? Outsource it to freelancer in a different time zone. Need some affordable marketing? Post on social media. Can’t afford a workspace? Do business online. With endless resources at your fingertips, costs have become less of a barrier for launching a business.

Globalisation Stronger Than Ever  

With the continued rise of globalisation has come greater connectedness between markets and openness to cross partnerships. Meetings are no longer restricted to boardrooms, working hours have grown beyond traditional 9-5 and companies are more open than ever to develop partnership with multiple businesses around the globe. This creates prime opportunities for you to seize! All it takes is stronger communication skills and perseverance in forming relationships to get your business off the ground and entering in different market places.

5 Courses to Make Self-Improvement A Reality This Year

It’s one thing to say you want to focus on self-improvement this year and another to commit to make it happen. Luckily, there are free online courses available giving you less time and money excuses to make self improvement a reality this year. Here are 5 free courses to get you started.  

Develop Business Networking Skills

We are constantly told to network, network, network, but that’s not always easy. Working on polishing up your business networking skills is a lifelong skill that helps you build strong professional relationships. The art of business and personal growth is always as strong as the networks we build. Learning some skills to make that an easier experience will give you the confidence you need to mingle and maybe even enjoy those business meet ups!

Deliver Powerful Presentations

Giving presentations is something you are bound to do at one point in your life and career. For people working in the business world, it is most definitely something you will need to do, especially as you grow into leadership and management positions. Whether you’re presenting to a classroom of children, a room full of suits, or on a stage to an audience, mastering the art of delivering powerful presentation is a must-have skill! Keeping people engaged has gotten harder with the rise of social media and shortening attention spans. Normal power points no longer cut it. Start learning basic principles of engagement, body language and the techniques involved in making your next presentation memorable.

Effective Communication for Strong Leadership

Great communication is at the key of most success and failure. Failure to communicate an idea, task or instruction can lead to unnecessary escalations or be the reason you missed out on an opportunity. All great leaders know have mastered the art of communication and constantly use it to drive both their team and personal success. Understanding the basic principles behind effective communication for strong leadership could give you the next step up in your career or help you mend a tarnished relationship.

Foster Team and Individual Growth

Not all self improvement needs to be self related. Maybe what you need to work on this year is learning how to better foster your team growth and their individual growth. Building a good team takes a special set of skills that can strengthen bonds between members as well as guide individuals to reach their full potential. Being able to foster this growth will not only do wonders for work productivity, but also satisfaction and motivation which equals a win for everyone involved.

Develop Project Management Skills

The ability to successfully manage a project from start to finish is becoming more and more valuable within any profession. Developing the skills involved to do so will give your CV the boost it needs to take on greater responsibility and bigger leaps in your career! Having project management skills not only benefits your work life, but also helps bring order and organisation to your personal life helping you create more downtown to enjoy.